Road Trip

Road Trip (2013)

Release Date: Jun 11, 2013

Label: Corvus Records

Catalog Number: 758524799992

...a masterful collection filled with lush melodies and sophisticated solos.
John Reischman and John Miller have released their third duo project, a sublime collection of mostly original jazz and Latin compositions for mandolin and guitar entitled Road Trip, with support from Cary Black on bass and Joel Litwin on drums and percussion.

15 years after their initial recording entitled The Singing Moon and 11 years after Bumpy Road, Road Trip is a masterful collection filled with lush melodies and sophisticated solos. A very welcome release for fans of both musicians.

From the liner notes by John Miller:

“When we finally began to do some serious preparation for recording in late 2011, we found that we were both interested in enlisting instrumental support on several of the tunes we were planning to do, a different tack from our first two CDs, which were strictly duo projects. John Reischman’s choice of mandola for playing Stay, Stay and Quilombo gives them a different sound, too.

“If these are the ways in which Road Trip differs from our two earlier CDs, I suppose it does share many of the characteristics of the music on those CDs, too: a commitment to melodic beauty, strongly felt rhythms and listening to each other. We hope you enjoy taking this Road Trip with us.”

  1. Passeio Do Figo 
  2. Stay, Stay 
  3. Vamanos 

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