Bumpy Road

The Bumpy Road (2002)

Release Date: Aug 1, 2002

Label: Corvus Records

Catalog Number: 776098130027

...focus on sounds of Central and South America and the Caribbean...
John Reischman and John Miller have just released their second CD. It shares some characteristics with the first recording. There is a primary focus on sounds of Central and South America and the Caribbean, excursions into jazz and Celtic music, and a preponderance of original tunes. There are differences, though. Mr. Miller shares the weight of the soloing a bit more evenly with Mr. Reischman on this CD, and the overall sound is more improvisatory. There is a vocal track too, with Koralee Tonack joining in. The two Johns hope that you enjoy your journey on The Bumpy Road.

(Adapted from the liner notes,
written by John Miller).

  1. Kenny's Gone 

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