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John Reischman’s release with John Miller is the first collaborative CD by these long-time musical partners. A captivating collection of original instrumentals by both Johns, the album is rooted in Latin and jazz music, delivered with an abundance of taste and tone. Rich in melody, texture and innovation, The Singing Moon offers a seductive and irresistible sound. As guitarist Scott Nygaard says in the liner notes, “you realize what monstrous groovers the two Johns are and what a sophisticated harmonic sense they each possess. What really sets this music apart are the melodies. Melodies that will rend your heart, tickle your funny bone, and keep you supplied with plenty of tunes to hum as you stroll down the street on a sunny spring morning.”

THE SINGING MOON OFFERS A SEDUCTIVE AND IRRESISTIBLE SOUND.Long regarded by peers, fans and critics alike as two of North America’s finest acoustic instrumentalists, guitarist John Miller and mandolinist John Reischman have joined forces in an exciting new foray into the world of jazz and Latin music. Delivered with an abundance of taste and tone and rich in melody, texture and innovation, The Singing Moon offers a seductive and irresistible sound.

In the liner notes to the album, renowned guitarist Scott Nygaard says that “while many of the pieces on The Singing Moon are inspired by Latin music, they are far from being slavish imitations – rather, they define their own territory.” Nygaard acknowledges the two Johns as “monstrous groovers” with a “sophisticated harmonic sense” and melodies “that will rend your heart and tickle your funny bone.”

Although their formative years were spent in folk and bluegrass music, both Miller and Reischman used that experience as a launching pad for explorations of other genres that culminated in a love of melodic acoustic jazz. Both are outstanding players and composers known for an abundance of taste and tone, effortlessly weaving a seductive and irresistible sound that gives audiences a memorable musical experience. Miller’s highly original fingerpicking style was described as “magnificent” by The Jazz Journal, while Reischman was termed “one of the great unsung heroes of contemporary mandolin playing” by David Grisman.

“I have a hunch that we’re suffering from a severe case of melodic deprivation in America today,” says Miller. That will definitely not be the case for listeners of The Singing Moon, who will be enchanted with the sophisticated playing of Miller and Reischman. Live audiences at concerts will be additionally charmed by the genuine warmth of these two veteran performers.


You play it all the way through and then you want to play it all the way through again.

Superb mandolin/guitar duo.

It wasn’t long before passersby absorbing the rich, romantic sounds from the two Johns were muttering things like ‘wonderful’ . . . a truly superb set.

John Miller . . . will frighten some of the top name guitarists when they hear this. Recommended to all those who love good music and magnificent guitar playing.

John Miller is “one of the most exciting and innovative guitarists performing today.